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David Haas is a popular speaker for schools, nonprofits, financial organizations, and senior groups. His knowledge of financial topics is vast and he can customize a talk for your group or organization should you require that. David can be reached at (201) 848-6802 or david@cereusfinancial.com to discuss your speaker opportunities.

Davids Video Library

Here are some timely topics that David addresses:

College Financial Planning for Families with HS students who will be Applying to College

Learn about how colleges price their education, how financial aid works and how to maximize it. Includes an overview of student loan programs and case studies to show what kind of aid offers two different students from two different families might get.

Evaluating your financial offers from colleges and how to appeal them

We will go through real offers from colleges. Learn how to interpret what your aid package really means and how much is grants and how much is loans. Learn when its worthwhile to appeal and how to write good appeal letters.

Student Loan Options for College Students

You can get student loans from many different sources. Learn how student loans work and what the best ones are. Understand which loan programs might work for you and which ones to avoid.

Tax-efficient Charitable Giving Techniques – Including DAFs, Trusts, QCDs, CRTs, CLTs, and Foundations

Many people who are charitably inclined don’t understand the most tax-efficient ways to give to charities. Learn why you should always think about giving away highly-appreciated assets to charity instead of cash. We will review the best use of Donor-Advised Funds and explain why a Qualified Charitable Distribution from your IRA might be beneficial. We will also go over some techniques to save significant taxes when selling a business or investment property and create an income stream for you and your family.

Introduction to Digital Assets – Crypto for the Masses

A primer on Crypto with the basics about Blockchain and digital assets. Learn more about these new assets and understand different ways you can invest, including the advantages and pitfalls.

Tips for Maintaining Financial Wellness

We don’t always make the best financial decisions. This webinar will review seven basic tips you can use to create financial resilience and manage your risks. These tips will make your life better!

Retirement Plans for your Small Business

People who run small businesses put everything they have into their business. But it is vital that you save for retirement because you can’t be certain that your business will be there to fund your retirement. Did you know that some small-business retirement plans are protected from creditors and bankruptcy and others are not? Learn how you can put money away for retirement to protect you and your family.

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