Cereus Financial Advisors is operating under our emergency business plan.

While our office is physically closed so we can maintain social distancing, we are working normal hours and are available by phone or email.

We hope that you and your family are healthy and please know that we want to support you during this difficult time.

Video Conference Available: Instead of a face-to-face meeting, we are pleased to offer video conference capability. We have been doing this with most of our clients. Please contact us to set up a meeting.

Your Investments: If we are managing your investments, they most certainly have been affected by the economic downturn due to the Coronavirus epidemic. Please know that we set up your portfolio for you to meet your long-term goals and are monitoring your investments carefully. Our custodians, SEI and Betterment are both operational and you have access to your money and investments on a normal basis.

Please contact us if you have any questions


At Cereus Financial Advisors, we create deep and meaningful relationships with our clients and their families.

Our primary role is to listen to clients and help them meet their defined goals by identifying ways they can improve their financial situation. We provide the tools and information clients need to face the future with confidence.

College Planning

A college education is often one of the most expensive purchases families make in their lifetimes.

Students and parents may start the college search with ambitious but unrealistic expectations. At Cereus Financial Advisors, we help you understand how much each college choice might cost and create a plan to pay for school.

Our goal is to ensure parents don’t endanger their retirement and students are not saddled with tremendous debt. If you have younger children, we can help you understand how much you will need to save and the best place to do it. For older children, we can help create a budget and identify the funds which will be used each year of their  education.

Our planning tools help you choose the right school to maximize the potential for both merit and needs-based aid.

Retirement Planning

Saving for retirement is crucial, whether you are just starting out in your career or are nearing retirement age.

Cereus Financial Advisors can help you understand what your retirement picture will look like using the cash-flow estimate prepared in your Comprehensive Financial Plan. Based on current assets and a projection of your future earnings and savings, we can determine the age you can retire, whether it’s at 50, 65, 70, or even in your 80s.

We can help you improve your outcome by increased savings, better investments, selling assets (such as homes), or using tools such as insurance, annuities, or reverse mortgages to fund a comfortable retirement.

We help you implement your retirement plan with the best investment providers for you, either in-house or externally.

Investment Management

Cereus Financial Advisors can help you define an investment strategy tailored to your goals and based on your tolerance for risk.

As you know, the value of investments goes up and down, so being able to withstand that volatility is extremely important. Our approach is to help you make your money work, while using diversification to minimize business risk and sector risk. Using our investment management services, your money can be managed by the top money managers in the country, overseen by us.

Investment strategies include mutual fund portfolios, ETF portfolios, Separately Managed Accounts with individual stocks and bonds, bond income ladders, and much more. We charge a separate fee for investment management, but waive our planning fees on a sliding scale if we manage your investments.

Our advice is independent, unbiased, and confidential.

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