Using Personal Financial Management Software

Woman using Personal Financial Management Software

Here is a question for you: How do you balance your checkbook? Do you balance your checkbook at all? How do you keep track of account balances? When its tax time or when you apply for a mortgage, how do you sift through your transactions to find the ones that matter? For instance, finding out how much you spent on electricity for the year. How do you avoid over-drafting your checking account and paying fees?

I don’t know how YOU do all these things, but I can tell you how I do it: Personal Financial Management Software or PFM for short. This is the information age and everyone should have the information on their own personal finance at their fingertips instantly. That means knowing how much cash you have in each account, the checks or expenses upcoming, and how much you can spend on your debit card without overdrawing your account. I have used PFM software over 25 years to do all these things and more. Trust me, it works. read more

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