With the cost of college education skyrocketing, education planning has become critically important to families. Below are some links that may be helpful in understanding the resources out there for funding your child’s college tuition. Educating yourself on the tools available can better prepare you for the coming four years.

Of course, these resources can only give you a bird’s-eye view of what tools are out there. Cereus Financial Advisors can help you consider your options and make realistic choices. We are here to help you create a cohesive college plan that complements your personal financial situation. Our knowledge, firsthand experience, and professional guidance can help you give your child the opportunity for the bright future he or she deserves.

Everyone is interested in scholarships. After all it’s free money, right? Well some of the scholarships themselves can provide a welcome addition to your college funds, but the money is not always totally free. First of all, scholarships almost always have some sort of application process and this process can be time consuming. Sometimes you just have to submit some demographic information and your grades. Other times you have to submit an essay and still other times you have to submit something you have accomplished in order to get the scholarship. Yet many scholarships have very few applicants because its hard to apply and because its hard to find out about the scholarships. So if you decide to actually apply, you will often have a very good chance.

The best way to find out about scholarships is to ask in the guidance department of your high school. They will almost always have resource on available local, state, and national scholarships. Scholarships can also be available because of where parents work, organizations students and parents belong to, or activities students take part in. There are scholarships for art students, Girl Scouts, and Boy Scouts. The Mahwah Regional Chamber of Commerce, which Cereus Financial Advisors is a member of, has very generous scholarships for children of employees of member companies. But it is sometimes very hard to find out you are eligible for something like that. It takes some detective work. So just ask around to co-workers, and check with every organization you’re a member of.

You can also use a scholarship search engine, although these search engines only capture a small fraction of the available scholarships. Unfortunately most of these search engines require you to register, trading your contact information for a chance to search their sites. You might want to create a throw-away email address to register with.

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