• Guide to Annuities Part 1 What is an Annuity? Annuities can be very confusing; as confusing as the waterfall in the photograph. Insurance agents often sell them to people making all kinds of promises: “Save on taxes”, “Make money in the market without downside risk”, and “Create a guaranteed income stream for retirement”. There have […]

  • The Secret Retirement Account David J. Haas CFP®, November 15, 2018 What if I told you that there was an account out there that you could contribute money to, take a federal tax deduction, thus lowering income taxes? You also don’t pay any taxes on investment gains every year and once you take the money […]

  •   Retirement Planning: Secrets Revealed Are you mystified about how to plan for your retirement? You want to know when you can retire and what your retirement income is going to be. But you don’t even know where to start and how to go about it. This is the newsletter blog post which is finally […]

  •   Tax planning for 2018 By David J. Haas CFP®,  April 4, 2018 Tax returns for 2017 are due April 17th this year. Hopefully you have worked with your tax professional to prepare your return by now and you have plans to complete your 2017 IRA contributions by the 17th. Now its time to turn […]

  • Bitcoin: Stay Safe! Bitcoin  and other cryptocurrencies have been in the news a lot lately. Every day it seems to be skyrocketing and then the next day it seems to be plummeting. Here is a graph of Bitcoin value for one year: Bitcoin is hard to ignore, so I thought I would explain what it […]

  • Tax Reform: A Practical Guide I am writing this blog Friday, December 22, the last working day for me before Christmas. I’ve been so busy, I haven’t had a chance to write one of these newsletters in a long time, but I felt it was really important to write about the tax reform package that […]

  • Equifax Hack: Quick Update Equifax has not been handling the fallout from their hack particularly well. I have a little bit of new information that I thought I would share as a followup to my original blog post Did the Equifax hack expose you? What you should you do now Were you affected? Equifax has […]

  • Did the Equifax hack expose you? What should you do now I hear about security breaches all the time. There have been data breaches at Yahoo and Target that have affected millions of Americans. But none of those hacks could have as devastating an impact as the breach recently announced at Equifax, one of the […]

  • Here is a question for you: How do you balance your checkbook? Do you balance your checkbook at all? How do you keep track of account balances? When its tax time or when you apply for a mortgage, how do you sift through your transactions to find the ones that matter? For instance, finding out […]

  • There is Still time to Save on Your 2016 Taxes! So its 2017 and its been so warm here in New Jersey that the spring flowers have started to come out in my yard. You should have received your W2 form from your employer and you might have your tax return finished or at least […]

  • Drowning in a Sea of Paper Its that time of year. You are getting all those tax forms in the mail: W2, 1099, 1098, 1095, etc. You probably get bank statements, brokerage statements, and bills. Once your taxes are done, you will get copies of your returns to keep. When do you throw it all […]

  • Happy Holidays

    Enjoy the Holidays!

  • Tax Changes Coming in 2017 and Beyond By David J. Haas CFP® December 21, 2016 We are in the midst of an administration changeover in Washington with the Republicans taking over the White House and maintaining control of both houses of Congress. Both President-elect Trump as well as congressional leaders have made promises regarding tax […]

  • Buying That New Car By David J. Haas CFP® A few years ago when my son was in college, I gave him my old car to drive. This was a nice Honda Accord which I had bought new in 2005 and was about 8 years old when I gave it to my son. His college […]

  • ThanksGIVING Thanksgiving is a great time to take stock of our lives and be thankful for all we have. I am thankful for my healthy and successful immediate family and the fact we are all reasonably happy. I am thankful that both of my children have jobs and have embarked on their careers. In my […]

  • Does it make sense to pay no taxes? I watched Monday’s presidential debate along with 84 million other people and one thing really struck me as I was listening. It was when Hillary Clinton accused Donald Trump of paying no Federal taxes and then Donald said that not paying taxes was really smart. Is avoiding […]

  • All You Ever Wanted To Know About Interest Rates (But Were Afraid To Ask) Interest Rates: The business news is full of stories about interest rates, how they affect the stock market and how the Federal Reserve Bank might be raising rates or waiting to raise rates. The market might plummet or shoot up on […]

  • This week Patricia Sanders, a freelance financial writer offered to contribute a story about the student loan debt load problem. How severe is student loan debt condition in our nation Decades ago, college education cost was affordable for most of the students in our nation, but now the situation has changed. Presently, completing higher education […]

  • I’m away this week, but this is a great article on retirement readiness that the folks at Broadridge Investor Communications have prepared. Please enjoy! 10 Years and Counting: Points to Consider as You Approach Retirement If you’re a decade or so away from retirement, you’ve probably spent at least some time thinking about this major […]

  • 5 Good Financial Lifetime Decisions I help a lot of clients with their financial decision making. In some cases, clients need to save money on taxes and in other cases they want to know how to pay for college educations or how to have more money to spend in retirement. However old you are, the […]

  • Student Loans: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly Are student loans good for your financial health? They are certainly in the news a lot and often not in a good way. But loans are an important financial tool for financing a college education and can be all three: Good, Bad, and Ugly. Good Debt […]

  • Workplace Benefits During Job Transitions and Retirement Leaving a job, no matter what the reason, is a time of emotional turmoil and disruption. Sometimes these transitions are planned, such as getting a better job at another employer. In some cases, the transition will be unplanned, such as having your job eliminated or moved. During these […]

  • Brexit: What does it mean? By David J. Haas CFP® The news will be filled today with stories about Brexit. As of 9:32AM today, the FTSE 100 index (100 largest stocks on the London Stock Exchange) is down 3.51%, recovering from a much larger drop at the open. The US stock market has just opened, […]

  • John Oliver hits Financial Services Industry Hard! I have to share this very funny segment with you from John Oliver. If you can’t see the Video above, then click on This Link. He points out, in a very entertaining way, how poor the financial services industry does when helping their clients and how really important […]

  • How’s the economy really doing? By David J. Haas CFP®, June 10, 2016 I am writing this post on June 10th and we are close to 1/2 way done with the year. So how is the economy really doing? I’m not talking about the markets. They tend to have their own schizophrenic rhythm. I’m talking […]

  •   Choosing a Financial Advisor and the New Department of Labor Rules There are some changes coming for financial advisors because the Department of Labor has just issued new rules which govern financial advice regarding retirement plans. There has been a little coverage in the mass media, but like many new rules from Washington, the […]

  • College Decision Time It’s almost April 1st and in addition to April Fools Day, it is also the final day that most colleges and universities will notify their applicants whether they have been accepted, denied, or wait-listed. Prospective students now have approximately one month to make their decision. Colleges usually expect to have students commit […]

  • Ways To Lower Your Income Taxes If you’re like me, you are working hard on preparing your 2015 taxes. Either you’re doing your own taxes or maybe you are collecting the paperwork to present to your accountant. Federal income taxes are more complicated than ever. Michael Kitces, author of the Nerds Eye View Blog, has […]

  • Welcome to the new website! Date Posted: 03/02/2016 Welcome to Cereus Financial Advisors’ brand new shiny website. The idea was to make this website informative and easy to use. Check out the learning center with lots of information on a variety of financial topics. The content in this section is partially written by me and […]

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